It’s kind of half and half as to how many high schools in the Tri-County still host prom in their gyms.

For the first time ever, the DuBois Area High School prom will be held off site, at the DuBois Country Club on May 19.

As usual, Brockway Area High School’s prom will be held in the gym on Friday, May 4, according to a high school secretary.

A secretary at the Brookville Area High School said prom is sometimes held in the cafeteria of the school or at the Pine Crest Country Club. However, this year, it is going to be held May 19 at Corbinview Farms, which is located at 5200 Allens Mills Road, Reynoldsville. It features a rustic barn and farmland for social gatherings.

Clearfield Area High School holds their prom at the Florian Banquet Center, 321 Mill Road, Clearfield, said Kim Davis, secretary.

“Since we have been a junior-senior high school, we have left the gym,” Davis said. “This place is already semi-ready. They go in there and have a caterer. For about four years we have had it in the Florian.” This year’s prom will be held May 4.

Curwensville Area High School students will attend their prom on May 11 in the gym, where it is always held.

St. Marys Area High School’s prom will be held May 12 at the Red Fern.

Johnsonburg Area High School’s prom has not been held in its gym for awhile, said Superintendent Dennis Crotzer. For the last several years, it’s been held at the fire hall but it was booked this year already. Now, the April 28th prom will be held at a location in St. Marys.

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