WINSLOW TOWNSHIP — Meeting Monday night, the Winslow Township board discussed recent complaints about the tar and chip job on the roads in the township at the end of August.

Area residents took to Facebook in the group DuBois LIVE to voice complaints about the tar and chip job. Many residents had the same complaint, saying that, days after the tar and chipping had been done, their tires were still were becoming covered in the tar.

A post by Kerry Elizabeth featured photos of her car tires with the tar dripping off of them, and her negative experience in trying to contact someone about the problem. She said she called one of the township supervisors, and was told to drive it off. She went on say she didn’t believe it to be safe to drive with the amount of tar filling the tread on her tires.

“This is clearly not safe. No tread on the tires now, but I was advised just to ‘drive it off...’ Just putting this out there. Be safe on these wet roads,” Elizabeth’s post read.

The post began a long thread of comments from others in the area voicing complaints about the roads as well. Some even said their vehicles parked in their driveway had been sprayed while the work was being done.

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The members of the township board were prepared to deal with complaints and upset residents at the meeting Monday evening, but were surprised to have no one come to the meeting. The meeting time and location had even been commented on the original post complaining about the tar and chips.

“I wasn’t driving your vehicle, I’m sorry it happened, but the best thing you can do is get it cleaned off. The quicker you clean it off the better. It’s not hard to clean off,” said board member Bob Krajewski of the issue.

He also said bug and tar remover by Turtle Wax is a good product to spray on to take the tar off of vehicles. He said it keeps the shine on the car, and the tar will start running off the vehicle.

With a lack of public comment about the roads during the meeting, the township will move on from the issue.

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