It’s been a while since I’ve written about the ongoing saga of the kittens. It amazes me how different they all are.

The three I’ve been raising inside are now several months past their one-year birthday. Two boys and a girl are totally different in personality. They are all the same age but different sizes so Dad has taken to renaming Tazzy as Big Boy.

Big Boy has become a “lap cat.” As soon as Dad sits down in a chair, Big Boy is jumping into his lap, curling up and going to sleep. At times he will follow you around meowing until you sit down so he can get into your lap or until you pick him up. He reminds me of the baby who is always held and then doesn’t like to be put down. I tell Dad he’s spoiled him, which is really funny as I’ve always been the cat lover not him.

Sassafras, or “Sassy” for short, had made great strides in trust. She will now lay down next to me when I’m sitting on the couch and has at rare times, curled up in my lap on a blanket. She likes to be petted but does not like to be picked up. Our Sassy girl has gotten taller but she still has the dainty head and frame that made her the smallest of the three. While Dad is in his Lazy Boy taking a snooze she will go into the bay window next to his chair and lay in the sunshine close to him. While she may not want to be held much, she does like to be close.

And I’ve learned that we should have called her “Mikey” like the old commercial that had the line “Let Mikey eat it; he eats everything.” That is our Sassy. So far I’ve found that she likes Pringles potato chips and Ritz crackers. She loves cheese, especially Cooper sharp. Dad gives in to her when he is eating lunch and she comes looking to see what he has. He lets her taste tomato sauce, which she loves, and any meat he may have in his sandwich.

I was making Buffalo Chicken dip not too long ago and was using store-bought rotisserie chicken. As I was pulling the meat off the bones, I would give a piece to each cat. The boys never had a chance. Sassy is fast when she wants something. She gobbled hers down and then snatched Big Boy’s piece of chicken right from under his nose. She did the same with Cocoa, the third cat, because he has a habit of wanting to take his time to check things out. He’ll cautiously approach whatever I’ve put down for him and sniff it a few times before deciding if he wants to try to taste it. By that time, Sassy has it devoured and is looking for more.

The boys just give in to her. There’s no growling or fighting over food; the guys just sit back and let her do as she pleases. Big Boy did learn to be a little faster in getting to his treats but Cocoa remains a lot slower.

The three have been with us more than a year and yet they still have the instinct to run when we first walk into a room. I’m not sure if it’s poor eyesight or if it’s more of a case of “run and hide because we’ve been up to no good” that causes this behavior.

Cocoa is always least in sight during the day. I think he finds a cozy spot under a bed and goes to sleep. He’ll appear towards evening and likes to sleep in your lap, especially if you have his favorite throw. He is the middle child and while he has grown some, he still isn’t the size of Big Boy but then he doesn’t seem to eat much. I guess only time will tell if he’s going to grow much or not.

Part of their fun, day or night, is watching the cats outside through the windows. Of course, six of the ones outside are related to them. Momma Kitty as I’ve mentioned last summer had another litter of three kittens. Two of the kittens are about the same size while the third has grown at twice the rate. All three along with Momma Kitty and her first two kittens – Prince and Midnight – remain close. We’ve placed some straw in the garage and they have slept there to keep warm so far this winter.

One of the smaller kittens has taken to us very quickly. While the other two run and hide under the porch, this one kitten has a mind of his own. In the mornings, while the others hear the back door open and run to see what food I may have, the little one comes out of the garage when he hears the beep of the car unlocking. He’ll come down to the porch and climb the screen door, meowing as he does. I’m sure that is to let us know he or she is hungry. What’s odd about it is that Dad or I can pluck him off the screen door and carry him to the garage and he doesn’t fight us. If we set him down on the porch instead and head to the garage we have to continually watch because he runs between your feet.

Once the food is put in the dish, this little one and now Midnight are right there to start eating. The others will either wait until I leave in the car or go back onto the porch before they dash from under the porch to the garage. The little one is fearless, just like Sassy girl. The largest sibling of this fearless feline has started to take notice and will sometime come to the dish even if I’m still standing in the garage doorway. I guess he figured that the little one must have something figured out because that little one is getting plump now.

I’m hoping that as we encourage the little kitten to get used to Dad and I being around, it will be easier to get it fixed. How we will ever get his siblings fixed, I’m not sure. They are nowhere as trustworthy as the little kitten is, but we’re working on it.

Now if we can just get that hussy, Momma Kitty, fixed we’d be making progress. It’s a new year so let’s hope this is the year we can catch her and stop the cycle.

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