We’re making progress, at least I think we are, with our feline brood. Two of the three kittens (they are only 7 months old) have now met the nice veterinarian at the Clearfield SPCA. Those two lively boys can romp and play to their hearts’ content but will not have to worry about child support.

After surgery I’ve been given a list of instructions: Keep the cat away from other cats, don’t let it lick the surgery site, keep it from being too active. And all of this is supposed to be for 10 days. Well, it doesn’t happen that way. When Tazzy was done, I opened the carrier late that night and he calmly walked out and stretched first the front paws and then the back. His siblings came over to make sure he was OK and then went on about their play.

He walked around and jumped up on the loveseat. Not a murmur of anything wrong so I don’t think he was in any pain. He soon was eating and within 24 hours was playing tag through the house with the other two.

Cocoa went for surgery a week ago. He didn’t stretch coming out of the pet carrier as he is a bit smaller than his brother, but he was up and racing in no time, including jumping off the back of the loveseat to the floor.

Nope, there was no way we were going to contain one feline and keep it away from its siblings.

These younger ones will go to the door when their older siblings are there meowing for someone to come and feed them. Midnight seems to be adjusting to being back outside where he was born but Prince seems to think he’d be better off as an inside cat, not an outdoor cat. He sticks very close to the back door and would sneak back onto the porch if we’d let him.

So here we were thinking all we have to do is get Sassy, Cocoa and Tazzy’s sister, fixed and then decide who is going to stay as a pet and who needs to find a new home or join the two brothers back outside where they originated.

But we should have realized that while it is good to have them all fixed to stop the multiplying of felines in the neighborhood we should have started with Mama Kitty, the matriarch.

The other day I was sitting in my office and my cellphone rang. “Hey Dad, how are you doing?” I said as I answered.

“Not very good” was the reply. Of course all sorts of things ran through my head, including do I need to call an ambulance. Then Dad gave me the news, Momma Kitty was back. His comment and that bit of information could only mean one thing.

“She brought kittens with her, didn’t she?” I asked. “Three” was the answer I received.

I imagine this frisky feline thinking, “Well, they took care of the first two litters. I’ll just bring this third grouping and they can take over their care and I can head out and enjoy the night life.”

Whether our “softie” nature has us caving and making sure these kittens are fed and cared for is still up for debate. Momma Kitty though will soon be having her own trip to see the doctor. She may have gotten to us twice before but the third litter is the last straw. We’ll be planning a catch and release with her but when she’s released she will not have to worry about finding someone to take over the care of her kids.

It’s like a family reunion on the back deck. There’s Momma Kitty and her three newest kids surrounded by her oldest two children while the three middle children watch from the screened windows on the back porch. Through it all, Muffin the oldest male feline, who acted as an uncle when Momma Kitty was a kitten, will still sit and watch the little kittens while momma takes time to eat. I’ve watched him with each of these kittens and every time they fearlessly walk up to him. The kitten and Muffin touch noses and then the kittens go and play while he sits and watches, never once acting impatient or angry with them.

Not quite sure why we were blessed or cursed (it depends on the day) with this growing family. Dad is already saying he lives in a “cat house.” I must say, I haven’t seen a mouse around for more than a year. No longer do I hear the scurrying of tiny rodent feet from the attic in the winter months. That must be one of the blessings of living in a “cat house.” However, I’m sure one cat would have done the job just as well as nine.

Here Momma Kitty, let’s take a little ride ...

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