The old axiom, “ I don’t have a dog in the fight,” applies to me. Current squabbles about whether to close certain schools bring back old memories. I had a good friend who met with a group of old men daily at McDonalds. We told a lot of lies and sometimes we even intelligently discussed current events. The main event, several years ago, was whether they should close the Grampian school and bus the students to Curwensville. My friend, a resident of Clearfield, said, “I don’t know what you Grampian people are complaining about. You have no need to have your own school. Close it down and save money!” I said, “You know I think you’re right and while we are doing that I think we should close the whole Curwensville High School also. After all, here are two high schools, Clearfield and Curwensville, four miles apart. We could all be Clearfield High School!” “Right,” he says. “That makes sense.” I thought for awhile and said, “Ya’ know, we should close DuBois and Clearfield and build a big, big school on the Rockton Mountain.” “No! No! No!” he exclaimed. “Why not?” I asked. “Why Clearfield would lose our identity.” At that time he said he had to go home.

It would be OK for Lawrence Township and Sandy Township to lose their identities, but not Clearfield and DuBois. One of the really successful transitions was between Barnesboro and Spangler. You know Northern Cambria.

Luthersburg, Sykesville and Penfield, surely you want to save money and go to DuBois. Little Bloom Township closes our four schools – Goffe, Chestnut Grove, LaBoard and Greenville – way back in the 50s. We drove right past Luthersburg and Sandy high schools and joining then merging with DuBois. Look how prosperous and better educated we are today!

– William McKenrick, Grampian

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