Our wonderful governor vetoed the new abortion bill and with his veto he decided to legalize the murder of another 31,818 babies as was reported in the year 2015, the last report that has come out. That number is in Pennsylvania alone.

What do the people in Pennsylvania say about this? How much tax money is going to this practice? How can any Christian whether Democrat or Republican just sit back and let our government okay the murder of God’s children? I understand those that don’t believe in God or in the value of human life not doing anything to stop this cruel, brutal act from being done, but what about our Christians?

A person whether man or woman that is willing to murder innocent, helpless babies needs voted out of government whether they are Democrat or Republican.

The Christians in Pennsylvania should be protecting these little ones.

Governor Wolf cried for CHIP money for the poor little children and in his next breath and signing he pledged to end the life of thousands of babies.

Such hypocrisy, can’t have it both ways.

Gov. Wolf where would you be now if your mother hadn’t been pro-life? Thank your mother by protecting the unborn babies now. You had a soul and spirit at conception and now you aid and abet the demise of these babies. So sad.

Thank your mom for being pro-life. Thank you Mary (mother of Jesus for those that don’t know) for being pro-life.

– Joseph Tubbs, Curwensville

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