Once again we can read Shawn Inlow's low opinions of President Trump. One of our freedeoms entitles him to be able to that; here is mine.

If you would like to see what is really going on in our world, please check out these news channels: OAN (One America News), NewsMax or Fox News. After viewing these news channels it opened my eyes to a broader view.

I'm all for peaceful protests but destroying businesses, burning and looting other people's property, pelting police officers with frozen bottles of water, bricks, stones, bottles of human waste, explosives, lasers, etc., it ceases to be a "peaceful protest."

There are Democratic mayors and governors in cities like Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, etc. that took an oath of office to protect their citizens and instead they are standing down, preventing their police officers from doing their job, and letting the unlawful protestors take over. For two months citizens in Portland have had to deal with this. These citizens' pleas for help are now being answered by President Trump.

The so-called (by Mr. Inlow) "generic soldiers," "Federal Bureau of Prison Goons" and "Border Patrol Cowboys" sent by "Captain Bonespurs" (really, Mr. Inlow?) are Department of Homeland Security officers, Federal Protective Services officers and Special Forces agents who have been trained for this type of unrest.

You wrote, Mr. Inlow, that you were terrified to see these trained professionals going into these cities to bring the unlawfulness under control. Do you that the terrified lawful citizens are not worthy of being protected? What have the Democratic leaders done to help bring this turmoil under control?

I thank God that we have a president who is willing to stand up for our rights. President Trump has been delivering his campaign promises since taking office and will always support law and order.

I pray that all of our communities in our nation will soon come peacefully together and find justice for all Americans.

Virginia Slovikosky


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