20181205-ce-sp Morgan Lindemuth

Brockway’s Morgan Lindemuth (3) looks to dribble out of danger after pulling down a defensive rebound against Curwensville last season. Lindemuth, just a sophomore, is the leading scorer (128 points) back on what proves to be a very youthful Lady Rover squad this season.

BROCKWAY — Imagining a shapeless world might seem to be something confined to the field of theoretical physics, but it may actually have some real-world applications for the Brockway High School girls basketball team this season.

Given their lack of returning experience, and a roster packed with youth, the word “amorphous” may be as good as it gets to defining the Lady Rovers.

With just nine players on the roster, including five freshmen and a few with any varsity experience, the situation will mean that they’ll lack the traditional roles or shape of other teams.

“We basically told probably seven of the girls that they’re going to have to be able to learn every position on the floor because we can’t guarantee where anyone is going to be on any night,” said Brockway head coach Dick Esposito. “We’ve been working with three point guards and with three centers. And, that’s a lot different than in previous years where everyone knew if they were going to be playing guard, forward or center. But, they all see capable of doing it.”

The Lady Rovers’ biggest losses came via graduation as Leah Lindemuth and Kaitlyn Morelli, both four-year players and key scorers, are gone.

However, while replacing the two biggest pieces of their offense will be a daunting task, the Lady Rovers’ coaching staff might actually be seeing the stirrings of something a little different on the horizon.

“The big thing is trying to replace what we lost from last year,” Esposito said. “We lost the third and fifth leading scorers in school history as well as another player who did anything we asked. But, this year the thing that we’ve noticed is that we’re really starting to gel as a team instead of just looking for a couple people to step up.”

It also means plenty of opportunities and floor time for the nine players on the roster as the rotation will likely be an ever-changing mix.

Still, experience and depth aren’t the only obstacles that the Lady Rovers will have to overcome this season. The other is height, as Brockway has just one player on the roster that comes in at over five-feet, eight-inches.

But, Brockway doesn’t seem to be lacking either optimism or the willingness to put in the work on the floor.

“All of the kids are working hard,” Esposito said. “We’ve really come together as a team.

“They have good basketball sense and some good basketball knowledge so that’s a step ahead of where we have been with the younger kids in the past few years,” Esposito added. “At the same time, with nine girls it’s been hard to go up and down the floor at practice. The coaches have been helping out so we’re getting there.”

Brockway also has plenty of quickness but, with their limited numbers, may have to temper a desire to run with a slow, methodical offense.

The Lady Rovers will open the season against Clarion as they host the Brockway Tip-Off Tournament this weekend.


Seniors: Maggie Schmader. Juniors: Macie Smith. Sophomores: Morgan Lindemuth, Sarah Rosman. Freshmen: Selena Buttery, Morgan Carnahan, Ciara Morelli, Lauren Schmader, Danielle Wood.

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