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LOCAL HVAC SERVICE TECHNICIAN Harold Bowser is the owner of Bowser Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing. Based at his home in Templeton, Bowser HVAC provides services in installation and maintenance of heating, AC, and plumbing-related needs.

TEMPLETON – Many local homes and businesses are sure to face sweltering temperatures this summer, and with that comes a need for relief through air conditioning. One local HVAC service technician’s newly created business venture looks to meet that need as well as others.

A little over a month ago, Harold Bowser started Bowser Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, with client requests ranging from those involved with hot water tanks to AC installation and everything in between.

Bowser said he is apt to take care of HVAC and plumbing issues because of his previous work experiences. This includes working as a former employee for Shafer’s HVAC. Before that, he was a coal miner at Rosebud Mining company for 11 years. Prior to that, Bowser, a veteran, had experience as a boiler maintenance mechanic in the Navy.

Bowser said that after Rosebud went through a huge layoff of its workers in 2016, he had to look for work elsewhere. He found it not long after.

“I got a book from Lenape Tech on adult classes, and they’re offering heating, air conditioning, electrical schematics relay classes, and it was gonna be starting within a couple weeks,” Bowser said. “I’m like, this had to happen for a reason.”

After enrolling and participating in HVAC centric classes for two weeks, Bowser filled out an application at Shafer’s HVAC. He was hired, and after six weeks of riding along with another technician, Bowser was put on his own and tasked with completing jobs solo. He said that he started to experience immediate success in the field.

“Things just went crazy for me. People would call in to the office, they’d write letters saying they didn’t want anyone else but me to come back,” Bowser said. At times, customers that would call for maintenance from Bowser were told by the company that he was 30 days behind schedule due to being backed up from so many requests. Those same customers still chose to wait in order for the work to be done by Bowser himself.

Now, Bowser said, after two years at Shafer’s and subsequently creating his own business, he still understands what customers value in his line of work. He created a slogan seen on his own company van to showcase it.

“Honest, dependable, affordable. You know, I’m not going to come to your house and sell you something that you don’t need,” Bowser said last week. He continued to list the ways he lives up to his slogan. “I’m going to get to your house as soon as I can and I’m on call 24/7 365 days a year. It’s affordable because I don’t have the overhead (of other companies). I can make my prices much cheaper. I don’t have six and eight trucks out there, or 10 employees with workers’ comp, and the quality of work is just as good.”

“I’m installing two and three air conditioners a week,” Bowser said when speaking on his success in his first five weeks on the job for his own company.

“The great part about it is, I’m getting all these calls to put these things in because people like the price,” which Bowser said is the reasoning and ultimate motivation for him now. “That’s my goal. Money is hard to come by and people work too hard for their money. I hate to see them spend an arm and a leg for stuff that they shouldn’t have to.”

Bowser said that while he still works for long periods of time, sometimes till 10 p.m., the shock value of being a business owner has yet to wear off.

“I can’t believe it,” Bowser said. “ I don’t even know if it has sunk in yet that I work for myself or that I have a business that people need. I think it’s because I enjoy what I’m doing too much.”

Bowser recounted several instances where he has gladly aided families in the past in relieving them from bitter winters because of a broken furnace or hot summers because of inoperative air conditioning.

“That’s a good feeling. That’s why I like doing what I do,” Bowser said. “It has nothing to do with making money or saying I own my own business. It’s about taking care of the people and giving them what they want.”

For more information, call Harold Bowser at (724) 954-7256, or visit Bowser Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing on Facebook.

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