EAST BRADY – New signage will soon greet people as they enter and leave East Brady Borough.

During their regular meeting last week, East Brady Borough Council members approved the purchase and placement of three signs, welcoming visitors to the borough and highlighting the Arnold Beabout Community Center.

“I think it says when you come into town that you’re coming somewhere,” council president Barb Mortimer said of the signs, which will be designed by Lucky Kline of Kline Signs of New Bethlehem.

Adorned with words welcoming visitors to the borough, two of the signs will be placed near the borough limits — one at the top of the hill across from the East Brady Volunteer Fire Department along Route 68, and another crossing the river on the Carl Curran Bridge. A third sign directing people to the community building and borough office will also be placed at the bottom of Ferry Street.

The dimensions of the two borough signs will be four-feet-by-eight-feet, while the community building sign will be four-feet-by-six-feet. The total cost of the three signs is $9,060.

“We’ve never had nice welcome signs,” Mortimer noted. “We’re hoping to spruce things up a bit.”

Although he was in favor of the project, Councilman Joe Hillwig expressed concerns about the life expectancy of the signs when exposed to the different weather elements throughout the year.

“I would just hate to spend that much money for them to be bad or faded next year,” he said.

While she said wear and tear is to be expected over the years, Mortimer noted that the signs can always be repainted in the future if need be.

“But I’ve seen these signs that have been around for quite a few years and still look brand new,” Mortimer continued.

Ultimately, the five council members present — Mortimer, Joe Hillwig, Tom Hillwig, Jenny Switzer and Kenny Crawford — unanimously approved to move forward with the purchasing and placing of the signs.

“I don’t think you’ll regret it,” borough secretary Susan Buechele told the council. “I think they will look very nice.”

In other business during the June 5 meeting, the council also unanimously approved for Southern Clarion County Regional Police officers to place tags on the doors of borough residents in violation of the grass and weeds ordinance.

“We have a lot of properties in violation of the grass and weeds ordinance,” Mortimer said, explaining that the local police department agreed some time ago that tags would be a good way to notify residents of grass violations.

“The grass ordinance might be a good way to institute the tags, she continued, noting that residents have five days to rectify grass and weed violations after receiving the initial notification.

Other Business

• Following a few last minute changes, council members approved the borough’s newly revised nuisance ordinance for public advertisement.

“One of our main responsibilities is to do the ordinances to make sure they are current and attempt to alleviate the problems that we have,” Mortimer said, adding that while the borough is responsible for creating the laws, it is not responsible for enforcing them.

• The council approved a request from the Riverfest Committee to hold the annual festival Friday, July 20 and Saturday July 21 at Graham Field. The parade will take place on Friday, July 20.

• After receiving quotes from two companies, the borough’s insurance policy with Beels Insurance was renewed at a cost of $33,429. The policy includes workman’s compensation for borough employees as well as the fire department.

• Mortimer announced that the Purdom Street storm sewer project would be advertised and bids would be opened on June 22. If a bid is accepted, it will be awarded by a vote via phone.

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