You know, nowadays, one should never assume that they have seen or heard the most ridiculous thing they will ever come across. Just when you start to think that way, something new and more ridiculous comes about.

It’s that time of year, the weeks upon weeks of everything-pumpkin. There’s hardly a house window or store display lacking a leering orange face. It’s traditional, and that’s fine, but pumpkin spice-laced household items are out of control.

Every movement requires a cause. The local food movement’s cause is to remedy the unfavorable effects of industrialized agriculture, addressing subjects including environmental, human health and economic concerns, among others.

First, President Trump colluded with the Russians, then he obstructed justice, and on and on and on ... Now Democrats claim Trump pressured Ukraine’s president to dig up dirt on Democrat Joe Biden during a phone call. So, Trump released a transcript of the call.

Autumn finally arrived this week. Even though we knew it was on its way, there were a lot of people in denial. I don’t know why they were so surprised, because it happens every year at about the same time.

A small business reflects ownership. No two businesses are the same, and a collection of local commerce centers creates a regional landscape that’s as inimitable as a gigantic fingerprint; it cannot be duplicated.

Life can be a little too quiet sometimes, at least for someone with an erstwhile wild streak. But every once in a while, there’s an opportunity that needs to be grabbed and gone for. One of those grab-worthy opportunities came my way last week.