January 9 was National Law Enforcement Day, and I had the honor of spending time with local law enforcement and our first responders.

Nothing! Zilch! Absolutely nada!

Year 2020 will be the fourth year in a row that the do-nothing Democrats have done nothing to help the people of the United States. Taxpayers voted them into office to do a job, not to waste our tax dollars.

I see in the Vindicator, that the Union School Board wants to raise our taxes to the amount the state allows, and then try to double them. What happened to the millions of dollars they had in surplus? Did you make a mistake getting rid of Mrs. McCleary or are you throwing this financial mess…

America has a cancer. An insidious disease that is eating away at all we hold necessary to being a truly great nation.

As many of you may have noticed the Rimersburg Veterans Museum has been closed for the past few months. I have been remiss in reporting the “temporary” closure to the public. We have been experiencing some problems with the interior sewer lines in the building. We are in the process of recti…

After watching the impeachment hearings, it is certain that the Democratic members of the House are having hallucinations! Abuse of Power, and Obstruction of Congress, certainly does not rise to the level of impeachment, more on par with speeding or jay walking. We are having an impeachment …

Do these Democrats have any idea why they were elected by the people and taxpayers of the USA?

I don’t hate President Trump. I hate what he has done to America’s Constitution and America, as well as to Americans.

For hundreds of years, the Redbank Valley has sent its sons and daughters to answer the call of our great country, in both war and peace. Now is our time to honor and show out appreciation for the sacrifices these veterans made through the Redbank Valley’s Hometown Hero Banner Project.