Trump’s America is defined by two lines — the unemployment line and the food line. Trump’s failure to react at all for two months other than to lie about COVID, combined with no federal coordination to fight COVID, has destroyed lives and jobs.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the Jefferson County History Center’s goals have been to ensure the safety of our board, staff, volunteers and now our visitors since we have recently been able to safely reopen.

What is the truth about the pandemic? The Democrats and media are lying about it for political purposes. Here is the truth (figures taken from CDC):

Our current system — in which private insurance, public programs and non-profits all work together — helps ensure access to quality, responsive health care for patients with special needs. That is why some health care reform proposals being talked about on the national level have me concerne…

Many of The L-V readers may remember the public service announcements from 1987 that showed an egg, and the caption of “your brain,” paired with another picture of an egg getting fried in a frying pan, and the accompanying caption of “your brain on drugs.”

The confirmation hearings for Amy Barrett were nothing but a hearing for the “Demon-crats” to make themselves look like real morons. It took forever for each one to read from their notes, and that caused people to try to understand if they were asking a question or explaining why they were. …

It is impossible to de-risk life as humans. Even if we can avoid the “pitfalls” and “tripwires” known as unfortunate accidents, our days are numbered because advanced old age eventually gets us all. As individuals, our survivability rate eventually falls to zero.

I quote from a letter in last week’s paper: “Don’t allow people who claim to speak for God tell you what to think, vote blue.”