RIDGWAY — Swearing in ceremonies were held Friday in the Cameron County Courthouse in Emporium for Hon. Shawn T. McMahon, president judge of Elk and Cameron counties. On Thursday afternoon in Elk County Court, Thomas G. Gregory Coppolo was sworn in as Elk County’s new district attorney.

Senior Judge Hon. Richard Masson and former President Judge Hon. John Foradora spoke for Coppolo Thursday.

“Attorney Coppolo is very well equipped to serve in this capacity,” Masson said. “He has represented the vulnerable and fragile citizens of our county, and served as a child advocate and represented mental health patients for several years. He has a very broad scope of the needs of Elk County, and empathy, integrity and responsibility. These are all hallmarks of a very successful prosecutor.”

Masson added that Coppolo, who served as assistant district attorney, has done criminal defense work in the past.

“Tom has a very good conscience, and the DA is the conscience of the community,” Foradora said.

McMahon also handed in his official resignation as Elk County district attorney on record Thursday.

McMahon was confirmed as new president judge of the Court of Common Pleas 59th Judicial District following a unanimous win in May’s primary election.

“Mr. McMahon’s extensive background in public service and dedication to upholding the law will be an asset to the community,” said Pennsylvania Sen. Joe Scarnati in June. “I congratulate Mr. McMahon on his confirmation, and I’m confident he will provide strong judicial governance for Elk and Cameron counties.”

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