Oklahoma-Salem Road and all the side streets in the nearby area of Sandy Township were closed to traffic for hours Friday afternoon into the early evening while police responded to a psychological emergency call which ended without anyone being injured.

“We received a psychological emergency today that involved a man with a gun,” said township police Officer-In-Charge Sgt. Kris Kruzelak.

“Using all of the precautions, we ended up calling the Pennsylvania State Police SERT (Special Emergency Response) team. With their negotiators and their assistants, they talked the subject out of the residence. He was taken into custody, and we’re dealing with him now,” said Kruzelak.

Kruzelak said the call came in at approximately 2:30 p.m. Friday that a man with a gun was threatening to hurt himself inside of a residence located near the intersection of the Oklahoma-Salem Road and Spafford Road.

“Sandy Township Police secured the perimeter of the residence until PSP SERT arrived. Then they basically took control of the scene from there,” Kruzelak said.

The negotiators were able to talk the man out of his home at about 8 p.m. Friday.

All of the roads were reopened shortly after the unidentified man was taken into custody and expected to undergo a mental health evaluation.

No criminal charges were expected to be filed at this time, said Kruzelak.

In addition to the roads being blocked, all of the people in homes in the immediate area were evacuated for their safety, he said.

Kruzelak estimated that at least 30 officers responded to the call.

“Initially, DuBois City Police, they were automatically called to assist us,” said Kruzelak. “Their officers helped us secure the perimeter. From there, it led to the DuBois PSP barracks. They came, offered their assistance, and it just trickled down there to the Sandy Township Fire Department (and Brady Township Fire Department) assisting with the road closures. The Salvation Army coming out, and just all the agencies working well together.”

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