BROOKVILLE — The Jefferson County Jail Board received an update last Tuesday afternoon on workers participating in Cell Extraction Response Team training.

BROOKVILLE — Downtown Brookville boasts a multitude of historic churches all in close proximity to one another. These churches perform great services both for their congregations and the community. Most people have probably never had the opportunity to cross the threshold of many of these in…

SUMMERVILLE — Summerville is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, who will be making a special appearance at the community’s first annual Sugar and Spice Christmas celebration Sunday evening.

BROOKVILLE — While preparing for their Thanksgiving celebration, the children who attend KidzZone at the Evangelical United Methodist Church in Brookville found a unique way to show how thankful they are for their grandparents. They invited them to a spaghetti dinner at the church.

BROOKVILLE — Magisterial District Judge Gregory Bazylak presided over the following preliminary hearings Nov. 17.

BROOKVILLE — PennDOT is starting a pilot project in the area this winter, using Variable Speed Limit (VSL) signs to indicate to travelers when the speed limit is reduced on I-80 as a result of conditions.

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At a dinner a couple weeks ago I heard a pastor ask how many times we complain about the things we don’t have instead of giving thanks for the things we do have.

During the next few weeks we will be celebrating two holidays that are separate, yet connected. Families across the country will gather to share dinner, memories and more both at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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