Dirty work

The cleanup at the old Ridgway landfill site began Sept. 8 and was completed Sept. 12. A total of four drums of TCE, a known carcinogen, were removed and three roll-off boxes of contaminated soul and waste were excavated. (Photo submitted)

RIDGWAY — Cleanup of the 15-acre landfill operated by Ridgway Borough through 1975 was completed last week resulting in four drums of trichloroetheylene, a known carcinogen, and three rolloff containers of lead-tainted soil being removed from the site.

The landfill is located in Ridgway Township. The borough operated the landfill there from the early 1960s to 1975, accepting garbage, refuse and industrial waste such as chemical dye, pigment sludge and hazardous lead wastes.

An environmental investigation of the site was performed between March and June of 2004. Results found industrial wastes in the test trenches, including brake dust and linings, powdered dyes and pigments, fly ash and hardened resin-like substances.

High levels of lead were found in several areas of the surface soil, but sampling on site and downstream found no impacts of site contamination.

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