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Melissa Varischetti, owner of Black & White Business Solutions and, is shown speaking at the recent Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce Business Connections luncheon held at Luigi’s Villa. The event had a variety of speakers discussing hiring in today’s job market.

DuBOIS — Strategies for recruiting effectively in a competitive market were discussed by Black & White Business Solutions and Owner Melissa Varischetti at the recent Greater DuBois Chamber of Commerce Business Connections luncheon held at Luigi’s Villa.

Varischetti said she started Black & White Business Solutions about nine years ago as a human resources consultant, recruiting locally in the DuBois area. Two years later, she launched, which is a local job board where employers can post job openings and job seekers can utilize it to search and apply for a job for free in the DuBois area.

“The idea behind this was trying to really help businesses target and reach that local market,” said Varischetti. “You are all aware of larger job sites that are out there that are at a national level, but it’s really hard to tap into those job seekers in and around our area. So that was my goal in creating”

Since starting Black & White Business Solutions, Varischetti said she has worked with many different industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, businesses who are hiring sales representatives, restaurants and more.

“My work with them really varies,” she said. “Some businesses just utilize the job boards to advertise job openings. Other businesses have some HR issue that they need local work for and I can provide that. Some businesses like to do interviewing.”

Ironically, said Varischetti, the two things she does the most are recruiting and helping new businesses hire, as well as helping businesses terminate employees.

“Believe it or not, I get a lot of businesses who are having a situation and they need to possibly terminate an employee and they don’t really know how to go about that. I help them go through those steps,” Varischetti said.

However, out of all of the facets of HR, Varischetti said recruiting is her passion.

“I love connecting job seekers and employers together. Whenever I do an interview with an applicant, and I know they are going to be a perfect fit for my client, that’s just great,” she said. “I am like the matchmaker for the job world is kind of what I call myself. That’s really my goal.”

With recruiting, Varischetti said there are some things that employers can do to help streamline their recruiting message effectively, and there are some things employers can do wrong and even do right.

Through her business Black & White Business Solutions, Varischetti said she developed four rules to recruiting.

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The rules she created are as follows:

Evaluate Your Company’s Employee Value Proposition

  • What attracts employees to your organization?
  • Why do current employees stay?
  • Analyze interviews.
  • Upper management buy-in is critical for change.

Don’t Procrastinate

  • Make recruiting a priority.
  • Develop a thorough recruiting plan ahead of time.
  • Rushed hiring leads to poor hires and higher turnover.
  • This market requires aggressive and consistent recruiting to ensure an adequate candidate flow.

Develop a Thorough Job Description

  • Be specific about the position requirements.
  • Use accurate adjectives that describe the work, the environment and the company.
  • Review job description details to be sure they are current.
  • Don’t use subjective language that can be interpreted differently.
  • Don’t use vague wording or technical language the general public won’t understand.
  • Be descriptive –job seekers do not like vague ads.

Advertise Smarter Not Harder

  • Advertising trends have shifted.
  • The internet is the primary source for recruiting top talent.
  • When recruiting locally, utilize local advertising sources.
  • targets the local market.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of social media.
  • Recruiting effectively requires an investment of time and money.

For more information, contact Varischetti at 814-590-6221, and

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