CALLENSBURG – Few towns the size of Callensburg can boast that they’ve been the subject of multiple history books.

But with the recent release of “Callensburg: A Small Community, Book Four,” documentation of that Clarion County community can now be found in four books by local author Arnold Kepple.

He said that the book is the fourth and final one in his series of Callensburg Borough and Licking Township history.

“I said that about the last one too,” he joked recently, noting that after his last book came out several years ago, “people kept giving me more articles” and topics to look into.

“I did a few interviews and just kept going,” he said.

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Kepple published his first Callensburg book in 1976 to celebrate the community’s sesquicentennial. The page numbering, which began in the first book, continues into the latest book, taking the full collection to more than 1,400 pages of local history and photos.

The new book includes 209 pages with 424 photos, interviews and other features.

Some of the new book’s stories include individual family histories, Indian artifacts, ministry, prison life, the glass plant, farming, the Amish community, airplanes, tree trimming and the local fire company.

The new book sells for $15 and can be purchased at the libraries in New Bethlehem, Rimersburg and Knox, as well as at Emery’s Outlet in Callensburg.

For more information, contact Kepple at (814) 358-2769.

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